Elegant Hardwood Floors

Natural beauty that provides unlimited design options.

Flooring of the highest quality

You’ll be hard pressed to find a solid hardwood floor that’s more elegant and stylish than a Junckers floor. That’s why we are so happy to announce that we now stock and ship these wonderful flooring products by Danish Design company Junckers.

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  • Junckers is Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring, all their hardwood floors are manufactured in Denmark and are of the highest quality.
  • Installation is straightforward and pretty quick as each piece is cut specifically to fit together and you end up with a uniform, stylish result.
  • Easy maintenance. Other than sweeping or vacuuming, there's very little you have to do to keep your floor in top shape.
  • Durable and built to withstand heavy foot traffic, which will last for generations.
  • Absorbs sounds. No more echos bouncing off the walls like with laminate flooring. Hardwood floors are acoustically sound.

Sustainable & Responsible

Junckers always tries to ensure legal & sustainable forestry, energy use, and wood processing.

Sustainable Forestry