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We’re a family-owned sawmill with over 20 years experience in the timber industry.

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When customers come to us looking for timber, we’ve discovered that they really want the peace of mind in knowing their supplier is reputable and can provide them with high-quality wood. They also need affordable prices so that they don't have to worry about spending too much on a product which might not last long or perform well enough under various conditions.

We understand how important it is for our customers to be provided durable, quality materials at an affordable price, because unlike our products, money doesn't grow on trees!

That’s why at Plantsaw, we take care of everything from wood selection through to cutting and planing so you can focus on finishing your project on time.

Our range of African hardwood timber gives you plenty of options while our competitive pricing means that no matter how much the scope of your project changes along the way, we'll always be able to help provide what you need for a fair price!

Experts in Exotic Hardwood Timber Species

We’re a family-owned business that has been supplying and exporting timber to the industrial and commercial sector since 1998. We use invasive timber species which we buy in from tree fellers around our area which help contribute to ecology while reducing waste material.

We also source our own exotic timber from our plantations in Africa. With hardwood species as diverse as Cypress, Pod Mahogany, Kiaat, African Rosewood, Afromosia and Malawian Cedar, we’re recognised nationally for providing high-quality sustainable timber solutions.

Timber merchant that understands the challenges of construction managers