Keep Your Teams & Equipment Safe

We supply strong and durable hardwood timber, and custom manufacture industrial timber products that are the perfect solution for heavy loads and punishing conditions.

Protects Workers & Equipment

Withstands Punishing Conditions

Available In Custom Dimensions

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Safety is the most important aspect of any construction project, and your site is only as good as your materials. You don't have to make tradeoffs between safety and costs anymore.

Our hardwood timber products are perfect for any construction need.

The Toughest Timber On Earth

Keep Teams Safe

Whether for height or soft terrain access, our dense and strong timber products help your teams maintain safety standards in difficult and rough construction sites.

Protect Equipment

Our selection of African Hardwoods are some of the toughest and most durable on earth. Protect your equipment from heavy loads and difficult transport conditions.

Good For The Planet

Our timber is ethically sourced, sustainably harvested and superior as carbon-capturing materials. Effectively carbon negative, and great for construction.

Your Material Of Choice

It isn't easy managing a construction site or teams of workers in daunting and rough terrain. When dealing with Civil Engineering projects, you want materials that work as hard as you do. We understand how tough it can be to source the right product for the right job.

Over the last two decades, we've helped heavy construction, energy farms, mining operations and commercial construction teams overcome their biggest challenges.

We can do the same for you.

Custom Manufactured
For Every Need

Crane Mats

Designed to absorb impact and allow for some give under heavy loads. It stabilises and protects equipment and workers in difficult terrain.

Soft Terrain Mats

Provides much needed traction and/or protection for outdoor, wet surfaces that can be dangerous in busy construction sites.

Crawler Mats

High-strength and durable, making it easier to stabilise and protect crawler cranes in heavy civil engineering and construction projects.

Jacking Mats

Provides support and stability during lifting or lowering operations, whether in manufacturing workshops or engineering projects.

Tower Cradles

Safely transport and protect tower sections and shafts. Provides impact absorption and stability.

Pipe Cradles

Safely transport and protect industrial pipe sections and shafts. Provides heavy load protection and absorption.

Low Bed Decking

Designed to provide an even surface and traction for loading and transportation when using low bed trailers.

Outrigger Pads

Gives heavy machinery vehicles a wider area of contact with the ground, protecting it from falling over.

Jacking Sleepers

Perfect for heavy load lifting and foundation works. Strong, durable and a great support.

Rigging Sleepers

Protecting and securing lifting operations with heavy loads. Designed to work hard under various conditions.

Scaffolding Planks

Perfect for temporary installations that are easily movable. Provides stable support during construction.

Wheel Chocks

Strong and sturdy wedges to protect and prevent accidental vehicle movement and slope rolling situations.

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