Also known as Bur, Burr, Birds Eye, Figured wood and Burled wood.



All over the world but more prevalent in certain timber species.


Burled wood can be difficult to work due to its multi-directional and twisted grain. It is very hard and durable and creates a good finish after polishing.


Dependent on the specie of timber.

We sell quality hardwood burls


Burls are caused by stress within the tree and formed by an infection, injury, insect attack or fungi attack. The growth is often on the root system or on the trunk or branches. It creates a mottled or figured pattern which is very attractive and sought after worldwide due to its rarity. Due to its density the timber is stable and fairly resistant to cracks. Burled timber is often sold in the form of blanks or the natural burled piece which is just cut off the tree.


Automotive Interiors and Trim, Beads, Bowls, Furniture, Inlays, Gun Stocks, Knife Stocks, Musical Instruments, Pens, Picture frames, Slabs, Tables, Turnery, Veneers, Wood Carvings.