Malawian Cedar

Widdringtonia Whytei by its Latin name, is from the Cupressaceae family and also known as Mkungusa, Mlanje Cedar or Mlanje Cypress.


Malawai on Mount Mulanje.


Easy to work. Saws cleanly and evenly due to oil content, hold nails well.


480kg per cubic meter.


The sapwood is narrow and lighter in colour than the heartwood which is a light pink-brown with darker fine and spiral bands. It has a straight grain with an even texture. The timber is fragrant, durable and is resistant to insects e.g borer, termite and fungal attack.


Agricultural Implements, Balusters, Bedroom Suites,Furniture, Trunks/Kists/Chests, Linen Cupboards, Wardrobes, Cabinet Making, Shingles, Light Construction, Domestic Flooring, Mining, Boat Building, Musical instruments, Carving, Joinery, Turnery, Pencils, Vats, Cigar Boxes, Paneling and Parquet Flooring.