Erythrophleum africanum by its Latin name, is from the Leguminosae family and also known as African Blackwood, Bupunga, Elagji, Goro-Meli, Kasuko, Kayimbi, Missanda, Mkarati, Mukoso, Mukuso, Munyunya, Mushati, Muwako, Ordeal tree, Prekese, Samberu, Sise, Sungwoi, Umbako, Umsenya, Umsenyo.


Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Fairly easy to work for its density. Cutting and planing to a very of a good finish as well as excellent polishing results. It is better to prebore before screwing or nailing due to its dense nature.


960kg per cubic meter.


The heartwood is a reddish to dark brown, the sapwood being paler than the heartwood and is white to yellow or pinkish. The grain is straight and even or interlocked with a medium texture. The timber is very durable and resistant to insects.


Agricultural Implements, Boat Building , Cabinetmaking, Carpentary, Flooring, Furniture, Heavy Construction, Joinery, Light Construction, Millwork, Mine timbers, Musical instruments, Paneling, Crane Mats, Precision Sleepers, Tool Handles, Turnery, Vehicle Parts, Veneer.