Pau Ferro

Swartzia madagascariensis by its Latin name, is from the Caesalpiniaceae family and also known as Kampanga, Kasanda, Mucherechese, Mucherekese, Mudyamhembge, Mukosho, Mulundu, Mushakashela, Mutseketsa, Naquada, Ndale, Pau Ferro, Pau Rosa, Snake Bean, Snake Bean Tree, Swartzia, Umketsheketshe, Umtsakatsha, Umtshakatsha, Umtsheketshe.


Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia.


Durable and easy to work with, it glues and planes well. Wood needs to be prebored if scewing or nailing. It gives a very good finish and is a very attractive wood.


961kg per cubic meter.


Heartwood is a dark reddish brown in colour with beautiful definition through the growth lines while the sapwood is white to yellow. The grain is straight and even but can be wavy. Coarse in texture.


Boat building, Cabinetmaking, Carvings Boxes and Crates,, Flooring, Furniture, Heavy Construction, Joinery, Ladders, Mine Timbers, Musical Instruments, Plywood, Posts, Railroad Ties, Turnery, Vats.