Pod Mahogany

Afzelia Quanzensis by its Latin name, is from the Fabaceae family and also known as Afzelia, Aiyo, Aligna, Apa, Azza, Beyo, Bilinga, Chamfuti, Chanfuta, Chanfuti, Chemnen, Doussie, East African Afzelia, Hlafuta, Isbin, Kipapa, Lucky Bean Tree, Mahogany Bean, Mapoortza, Mbambakofi, Mbarakun, Mbarikwa, Mbembakofe, Mbembakofi, Mfunguji, Mkehli, Mkola, Mkongo, Mkora, Mungongona, Mungoriondo, Mungwingwi, Mupapa, Musacassa, Mussalossa, Mwamba, N’shene, Ompow, Onvru, Oshoshi, Peulmahonia, Red-arilled Afzelia, Rhodesian Mahogany, Shenhe.


Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia.


Easy to work with in terms of gluing, when it comes to nails and screws, pre-drilling might be a necessity.


800kg per cubic meter.


The timber is very durable and has a medium to coarse grain. The sapwood is white to yellow in colour and the heartwood is reddish brown in colour.


Boat building, Construction, Cabinetmaking, Furniture, Veneers, Flooring, Decking, Joinery, Kitchen Cabinets, Musical Instruments, Plywood, Turnery.