Purple Leaved Albizia

Albizia Antunesiana by its Latin name, is from the Mimosoideae family and also known as Buwa, Chisale, Kawizi, Mgando, Mgando-kagua, Mgando-kaguba, Mpefu, Msaku, Msase, Mudyahumba, Muga, Mugaranyenze, Mukese, Mukoso, Mukwanga, Munganyama, Muninga-kagua, Musase, Mututuma, Muvinyimo, Pepe, Purple-leaved albizia, Umnonjwana and Umugando.


Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


It is easy to work with and stable. Very good varnishing results. It glues well but needs to be prebored when screwing or nailing.


624kg per cubic meter.


Heart wood is purple-reddish brown and darker than the white or yellow sapwood. The grain is wavy and interlocked, it is very durable and resistant to termites.


Cabinetmaking, Carvings, Flooring, Furniture, Heavy Construction, Joinery, Light Construction, Millwork, Plywood, Poles, Posts, Railroad Ties, Toys, Turnery, and Veneers.