Sapele Mahogany

Entandrophragma Delevoyi by its Latin name, is from the Meliaceae family and also known as Entandrophragma rufum / tomentosa, Aboudikro, Acajou sapelle, Assi, Assie sapelli, Atore, Bibitu, Botsife, Bubussu, Dilolo, Gold Coast cedar, Kwabohoro, Liboyo, Libuyu, Lifaki, Lifari, Lifuti, Lotue, M’boyo, Miovu, Muyovu, Odupon, Oweru, Penkua, Penkwa, Sapeli, Sapelli, Scented mahogany, Tshimaye noir, Ubilesan, Undianuno.


West Africa from the Ivory Coast through Ghana and Nigeria to the Cameroons and eastwards to Uganda and Tanzania.


It is an easy timber to work. Care needed on interlocking grain when planing or sufacing. It glues and stains well but needs to be prebored if screwing or nailing.


650kg per cubic meter.


The sapwood is cream in colour, the heartwood pinkish when cut , darkening to reddish-brown when mature. Sapele is charicterised by a marked and regular stripe, particularly on sawn surfaces. It is fairly textured and the grain is interlocked.


Construction and Decorative Veneer, Furniture, Cabinet Making, Shop fitting, Boat Building, Paneling and Joinery.