Spirostachys Africana by its Latin name, is from the Euphorbiaceae family and also known as African Sandalo, African Sandalwood, Hlengamoaasn, Irongo, Lourenco marques, Msalakanu, Msaraka, Msarakana, Mtomboti, Muconite, Muharaka, Munhiti, Mutivoti, Mutomboti, Mutovoti, Nesipolela, Omupapa, Sandalo, Sandalo Africano, Sandalwood, Shelinga-maasm, Tambootie, Tamboti, Tambotie, Tsomvori, Ubande, Ulu-bande, Umtamboti, Umthombotni.


Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa.


Easy to saw but has a dulling effect on blades. It glues well but needs to be prebored when screwing or nailing. It is an attractive timber which finishes well.


913kg per cubic meter.


Heartwood is a reddish brown to dark brown while sapwood is white to yellow. The grain is even or straight and wavy sometimes with a coarse texture, very durable and resistant to termites. The timber is also fragrant but poisonous if put on a fire or consumed.


Agricultural Implements, Bearings & Bushings, Boat Building, Boxes and Crates, Cabinetmaking, Carvings, Flooring including industrial heavy traffic, Furniture, Heavy Construction, Joinery, Mine Timbers, Musical Instruments, Plywood, Posts, Turnery, Vehicle Parts.